EMTT Physio Magneto Therapy Machine (NIRS Laser Optional)

Understanding Magnetic TherapyAt its core, a Magneto Therapy Machine operates by employing magnetic fields at low frequencies...
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EMTT Physio Magneto Therapy Machine (NIRS Laser Optional)

EMTT Physio Magneto Therapy Machine (NIRS Laser Optional)


EMTT Physio Magneto Therapy Machine (NIRS Laser Optional)

Style: NIRS

Understanding Magnetic Therapy
At its core, a Magneto Therapy Machine operates by employing magnetic fields at low frequencies to interact with the human body. The body's cells and colloidal systems possessions are susceptible to the influence of magnetic forces. When exposed to pulsed magnetic fields, a weak electrical current is induced, activating the cells in the affected area.

Effects on Cellular Activity
Differences in surface potential between healthy and sick cells prompt the need for intervention. By treating tissues with a magnetic field featuring specifically chosen biotrophic parameters, the activity of cell surfaces intensifies, enhancing their membrane potential. Ultimately, this process aims to restore balance to the intracellular potential.

Impacts of Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields
The application of pulsed electromagnetic fields brings about various effects on tissues:

- Enhanced Cell Metabolism: It improves cellular membrane permeability, expediting the absorption of swelling (antiedematous effect).
- Aiding in Healing: Facilitates the healing of bone fractures, open wounds, and both acute and chronic inflammations (anti-inflammatory effect).
- Pain Alleviation: Reduces the transmission of pain signals from nerve endings to the central nervous system, acting as a painkiller.
- Improved Blood Circulation: Expands blood vessels in affected areas, enhancing blood circulation within minutes (vasodilating effect).
- Relief for Musculoskeletal Stress: Relaxes the musculoskeletal system (myorelaxation effect).
- Boosts Immune System: Aids in regeneration and detoxification, strengthening the immune system.
- Balancing the Nervous System: Harmonizes the vegetative nervous system.

Advantages and Application

Magnetic therapy demonstrates several advantages. It is non-addictive, free from known side effects, and does not induce discomfort during treatment. The magnetic field pulses penetrate the body's tissues evenly, eliminating the need for patients to remove clothing, and can even permeate plaster casts. Additionally, modern metal implants, which are non-ferromagnetic, do not hinder the therapy.

Magnetic Field Therapy for Low Back Pain

For many, dealing with low back pain is an unfortunate reality. Our innovative Quadrapolar, Hexapolar and octapolar magnetic field therapy has provided relief to countless individuals. Read on to discover how Q Magnets might offer a simple, cost-effective, and efficient treatment option.

Benefits and Usage

Magnetotherapy delivers an array of benefits, including anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-edema, and regenerative effects. It aids in wound healing, and tissue regeneration, and even accelerates bone healing. Widely used in hospitals, doctor's offices, clinics, and rehabilitation centers, magnetotherapy helps patients by tailoring its frequency and intensity to their individual needs.

Patient Rehabilitation and Degenerative Diseases

The positive impact of magnetotherapy on soft tissues and bone healing serves as an effective, non-invasive method for patient rehabilitation. Specifically, in cases of degenerative diseases, it can effectively slow down the degenerative process.

The Magneto Therapy Machine provides a comprehensive, non-invasive, and tailored approach to healing and rehabilitation, offering relief to numerous individuals dealing with a range of health concerns.

NIRS (Near Infrared Spectroscopy)
Near-infrared light induces the reorganization of collagen structures in subcutaneous tissues, generating molecular resonance friction, and resulting in a heat response. This prompts an increase in deep subcutaneous temperatures, causing microvessel dilation, accelerating blood circulation, promoting cell synthesis, and speeding up the healing process.

Physical Characteristics of 640nm and 940nm Red Light with 3200MW Power
- Water molecules resonate
- Activates cells, inducing molecular friction vibration, creating a thermo-heat effect
- Stimulates cellular adenosine triphosphate (ATP)

"Inhibits pain, reduces inflammation responses, and aids in cell regeneration and repair."

- Induces enzyme-catalyzed reactions in cells
- "Accelerates wound healing, elevates enzyme content in cells, and enhances the body's immune function."

Accelerates metabolism, enhances blood circulation, boosts lymphatic and neural detoxification capabilities, and can work simultaneously. Offers overlapping rehabilitation effects, shortening recovery periods.

Low-Level Laser Therapy

- The laser emitted by 16 high-power semiconductor lasers is not easily absorbed by the body's water and hemoglobin, possessing excellent penetration. It can be used in deep tissues to promote microcirculation, dilate blood vessels, and increase blood flow to reduce swelling.

Fast anti-inflammatory action, promotes circulation, powerful pain relief, aids in repair, and regulates cell synthesis. Laser is more than double the effectiveness of near-infrared.

Laser-equipped magnetic rings can be optimized and upgraded to a 5T magnetic field (laser is 1.2 times the effect of single-function or NEO).

Both near-infrared and lasers should be avoided for: eyes, individuals with cancer, pregnant women, and those with epilepsy.

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