About Us

Our Business

We sell the premium beauty machines, aesthetic equipment, and beauty tools for home, estheticians, spas, medspas, salons, clinic, academies, beauty studio, and training schools, as well as for personal use.

If we trace back our professional history, we have been in this industry for 10 years (since 2013). Based on our extensive experience, we have identified two critical pain points:

Firstly, the product quality in this industry varies greatly, with many factories operating like small family workshops. Given that our products are high-end precision instruments, they demand specific requirements for production and assembly.

Secondly, providing top-notch service to customers is challenging, especially prompt responses. Some customers require detailed user manuals or professional instructional videos to enhance their instrument usage, others seek more product information before making a purchase decision, and some may encounter post-purchase issues.

Therefore, we strongly recommend exercising caution and careful consideration when purchasing products of this nature.