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What is High Frequency Facial?

by Lazzybeauty Support 18 Jul 2023 0 Comments
What is High Frequency Facial?

High-frequency facials offer a safe and gentle alternative to dramatic plastic surgery procedures, laser resurfacing, chemical peels, collagen and botox injections, and other invasive skin rejuvenation procedures.

  • An improvement in acne
  • A reduction in enlarged pores & blackheads
  • A softening of fine Lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin
  • A reduction in eye puffiness
  • Healthier hair growth
  • A fading of dark eye circles
  • An improvement in the appearance of cellulite

Although high frequency has been shown to produce an immediate and temporary lifting effect, a continued daily application can provide more cumulative long-term, lasting results. Interestingly, many acne sufferers have found improvements in their complexions after only a few days of use.

A Beauty Gauze Would Be Helpful

high frequency facial gauze

You can cut a piece of 7.5*7.5cm gauze size to cover the high-frequency electrodes, and use your preferred serums or creams during, or immediately after the treatment to ensure maximum absorption into the deeper layers of your skin; boosting their effects by up to 5x.

 facial gauzes for high frequency

For a Spa or an esthetician, when doing the facial treatment, it's a great idea to coving a large size gauze on the client's face.


how does high frequency work?

High frequency is a technique that utilizes targeted thermal energy to treat acne, fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, cellulite, and undereye circles. 

It Instant stimulation, increases cellular activity/metabolism; Then, creates thermal energy, the small current that comes through the body, creating warmth by increasing circulation; At last, created lots of enriched oxygen, producing ozone which has an anti-bacterial, germicidal effect on the surface of the skin.

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