The Background of Cavitation

Losing weight is like a spiritual practice If you can’t persist in the middle, you won’t be able to cultivate and lose weight at all. “Eat less and exercise more” is like a curse and it's always hard to do. The fat in our belly, waist, arms, back, hips, and thighs is still stubborn. 

Is there any way without exercising and eating healthy that still keeps a slimming body? Of course, we have,that is an "ultrasonic cavitation machine". Accurately burst your fat, remove your cellulite wherever you want!

You may hear about many slimming beauty devices or body cavitation machines. These are non-invasive and no side-effect ultrasonic slimming machine that use ultrasound waves to burn fat, remove cellulite, and also tighten our skin. The good news is that you can easily get a professional fat cavitation machine for home use because of its budget-friendly price, what's more, most cavitations are portable, easy to use, safe, and cheaper than medical spa treatments.

What is Cavitation?

Using ultrasound waves with a frequency of 40000HZ emitted by the cavitation head can make the human fat cells produce a strong impact and frictional movement, which can effectively consume heat, consume the water inside cells, and shrink the fat cells. In addition, the sound wave's vibration can cause a strong impact among cells, they burst instantly, and then be reduced, so as to achieve the effect of removing fat.

Cavitation is the latest scientific and technological revolution. It can effectively treat stubborn cellulite and cellulite fat. On one hand, the cavitation head acts on cellulite, causing it to burst, causing fatty acid differentiation, enhancing blood circulation, and being affected by the lymphatic system. On the other hand, It can effectively promote the metabolism of adipose tissue, increase collagen cells, repair aging and damaged skin, speed up wrinkles, tighten skin, shorten pores, relieve symptoms of muscle pain, and promote skin elasticity. 

Cavitation fat-dissolving weight loss is an expert in positioning weight loss, whether it is belly, waist, buttocks, arms, thighs, calves, it can reduce fat and size, tighten damaged skin, and reshape the body.

Cavitation is the latest high-end weight loss technique that is popular in the international beauty industry in the 21st century. It replaces and surpasses surgical liposuction and brings good news to obese people. 

How Does It Work?

When the cavitation machine attaches to the skin, let's say, the obesity treatment areas, like the abdomen, arm, thigh, it will create an ultrasound wave that can make an implosion of liquid as the expansion and compression of the wave make the inside of the liquid formed in much small space and what inside this kind of space are gas and steam. 

During the compression cycle, the sound waves have a positive pressure effect on the liquid molecules, while during the expansion cycle the sound waves have a positive pressure effect on the liquid molecules. There is cohesion inside of liquid or and biological organization. Inside of the low-density fat cells, the cohesiveness of the molecular is weaker. 

The low negative pressure which is produced by sound waves will produce an organization gap which is called the "cavitation phenomenon" in physics. 

The implosion of inside and outside of the cells will enhance the molecular motion and achieve a high energy level, and eventually led to the bursting of the fat cells.

Benifits Of Cavitation Machines

Painless and Non-invasive

Although it is the same as liposuction to lose weight, the cavitation machine can quickly lose fat in the body, but it will not be as harmful to body, liposuction is a surgical way to remove the fat by taking out the whole fat inside the body, so it needs a long time to recovery and it is very painful during the treatment.

Targeted Weight Loss

We may have several parts to slim, such as our arms, legs, thighs, stomach, for cellulite removal, the big advantage of the cavitation machine is that you can treatment anywhere you want by removing its cavitation head.

Losing Weight in Short Time

Compared to running to lose weight, the cavitation machine can lose your weight in a short time by several treatments, you only need to lay down and moving the cavitation head on the treatment areas. 

Types of Cavitation Machine

Ahere are many kinds of cavitation machines for us to pick up, some are equipped with one single cavitation head, some with a radio frequency, some with lipo laser pads, some with vacuum functions. their prices are huge differents, and of course, the effects vary differently. Also, we have the 40K cavitation machine, 80K cavitation machine, but what are the differences among them?

Lipo Cavitation Machine

All the lipo cavitation machines have lipo laser pads, the lipo laser pads embraced several diode lasers, it will create powerful energy, usually, it is 160mw, the laser length is 65nm, and it is safe to our human body. The laser can stimulate and break down fat cells.

40K & 80K Cavitation

The 40KHz cavitation can accelerate the friction and activity among fat cells to enhance the metabolism so as to blast the fat and achieve body slimming. The RF technology can deliver thermal energy into the dermis layer, promoting collagen production to tighten and firm the skin. 

The 80K cavitation handle diameter is bigger, it can work with 40KHz cavitation function and warm feeling radio frequency (electric wave) function together. Real strong 80K strong frequency, every minute exceed 100 000 times ultrasonic input, fast speed vibrates fatness tissue, compared to traditional methods that operation is more easy and convenient, no hart to the skin, no injury to cells.

Vacuum Cavitation

Suction stimulates tissue under the skin, accelerates blood circulation and activates subcutaneous fat, improves lymphatic circulation, accelerates the breakdown of fat burning into fatty acids, and promotes the excretion of toxins and excess water to make skin firmer and more elastic.

RF converts electric energy into heat energy to penetrate deep into the skin to accelerate the blood circulation and subcutaneous tissue to stimulate collagen, proteins, and cell renewal, to tighten wrinkles and other effects.

Except for the cavitation function, the vacuum cavitation machine comes with the vacuum RF head, combining these technologies, it can not only better for slimming, but also stretch the facial muscles and lift the skin to restore elasticity of the skin.

Targeted Areas for Cavitation Machine

Thanks to the different types of cavitation machines, together with the weight loss machine, you can have different types of body types, as they can help to slim your arms, legs, thighs, waist, and stomach.





Compared to Other Slimming Technology


Liposuction is also known as liposuction and weight loss surgery, and body sculpting. It uses instruments to penetrate into the subcutaneous fat layer, such as the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, buttocks, arms, or neck, through small incisions in the skin to remove the fat fragments to achieve the purpose of absorbing fat. It is a surgical procedure.

However, liposuction cannot make people lose weight, nor can it replace weight loss. It can only eliminate the obesity of the buttocks, abdominal wall, and other parts that are difficult to achieve by ordinary weight loss methods alone. In addition, liposuction cannot change the texture of the skin at the liposuction site, let alone eliminate stretch marks on the abdomen.

Lipo Laser

Lipo Laser paddles containing laser diodes that emit specific wavelengths of light designed to target fat cells are placed on the patient’s skin for 15~20 minutes per treatment area. Laser energy safely and painlessly penetrates several millimeters into the subcutaneous adipose or fat tissue layer. The adipose cell walls are made permeable for a temporary period allowing cell contents to spill out into the interstitial space. The fat (in the form of triglycerides) is converted to free fatty acids, water, and glycerol.

Laser energy to burn fat, the target tissue absorbs certain wavelengths of light, promotes blood circulation, Cellulite fat-soluble, so as to achieve the effect of safe, non-invasive, high efficient body sculpting plastic surgery.


Cryo angle is the latest fat freezing colling technology that uses a special 360 applicator to target stubborn fat to create -10℃~5℃ under the skin that is resistant to changes in diet and exercise, effectively freezing, destroying, and permanently eliminating the fat cells beneath the skin without damaging the surrounding layers. fat cells aging ahead of time, and death. The fat cells in the treated area are gently dissolved through the body's normal metabolism process and get slimming immediately.

It is a non-invasive fat reduction system. It can reduce 26% fat after treatment. Many areas can be treated, such as waistline, abdomen, buttocks & thigh areas, arm & underarm, chin … 20-30 minutes for one time, 3-4 times treatment will achieve the result.

EMS Shaping

EMS shaping uses non-invasive High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic technology to induce supramaximal muscle contractions not achievable through voluntary contractions through exercise. When exposed to supramaximal contractions, the muscle tissue is forced to adapt to such extreme conditions and responds with a deep remodeling of its inner structure, i.e., the growth of myofibrils (muscle hypertrophy) and creation of new protein strands and muscle fibers (muscle hyperplasia). 

Increased muscle density and volume lead to a better definition and muscle tone. These powerful contractions induce excessive demand for energy resulting in the permanent death of fat cells.

LiposuctionLipo LaserCryolipolysisEMS ShapingCavitation
Procedure typeInvasive surgeryNon-surgicalNon-surgicalNon-surgicalNon-surgical
Main differencesTo remove or redistribute fat for contouring To remove smaller pockets of fat To remove laser pockets of fat To practise your mousleTo remove smaller pockets of fat
Average cost $5,000+ not covered by insurance$600+, not covered by insurance$2000+, not covered by insurance$3500+, not covered by insurance$300+, not covered by insurance
PainModerate pain following procedure PainlessPainlessPainlessPainless
Number of treatments needed One treatment for couple of hours 10-15 treatments 3-5 treatments5-10 treatments15-20 treatments
Expected results Fat removed is permanent, but you can still gain weight without healthy diet and exercise Fat removed is permanent but slowlyFat removed is permanent and fastFat removed is permanent but slowlyFat removed is permanent but slowly
Target areasWhole bodyChin, Arm, Thigh, StomachStomachStomachFace, Arm, Thigh, Stomach
Recovery time A few weeksDIY at homeDirectly after leaving SPADirectly after leaving SPADIY at home

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Things To Consider Before Buying A Cavitation Machine

Do we need mutl-functional cavitation machine?

Most cavitation comes with other heads, such as radio frequency handle, laser pads, vacuum & RF handle, photon, and microcurrent handle, we can call them muti-functional cavitation machine.

Still we have the single ultrasonic cavitation head, cause their sizes are diameter 6cm+, so it is not good for face, arm slimming, but it is good for stomach and waist. So if we want a better result for using the cavitation machine, first we should confirm which parts we want to slim.

Though not all cavitation machines come with other handles, ensure you buy one that has the features that you need or suits your body type.


Generally divided into desktop and vertical machines. The vertical machines are equipped with 4 wheels for easy movement. Forget about the desktop and vertical cavitation machine, why do we have different sizes of cavitation machine?

The first thing we should know is that the bigger the machine, the larger space it has, then the more functions it can be equipped with.So if you are a SPA that need to treat many clients, a vertical ones that comes with the wheels would be better. If you have many body parts to lose weight, then you can choose a large one that comes with different handles. If you only have one areas for the slimming treatment, then a small size machine that comes with a single cavitation head would be a good choice.

Detailed User Manual

Most cavitation machines comes with complex handles and every heads has their individual settings. All of them require precise knowledge to operate. If we can not send a detailed instruction user manual, then using all the machine probes in the right manner would be a big challenging, and also it is a waste of time. It is very important to know all the probes' setting and operations to maximize the device’s efficiency.

Warranty & Customer Service

We cannot say anymore importance about the warranty, we think it is the first consideration for purchasing the cavitation machine. Also the customer service, especially the after-sale service, is it easy to contact the brand seller, how fast to get the reply?


We must say the price for the cavitation in the market are huge different. generally, the single function machine that comes with only one cavitation head is cheap, some are 3 in 1 cavitation machines, some are 5 in 1, 7 in 1, the more handles, the more expensive. Choose the most fitable one that you need.

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