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How To Use High Frequency Facial Wand - Online User Manual Guide

by Lazzybeauty Support 05 Aug 2021 0 Comments
How To Use High Frequency Facial Wand - Online User Manual Guide


1. Don’t disassemble the device by yourself. All the repairing should be performed by trained staff.

2. Please don’t assemble or operate this device while your hands are wet or when you are near water.

3. If any of the conditions below occur, unplug the device immediately:

   •The device touches the liquid

   •The device has an abnormal smell, is smoking, or producing

   •loud and strong noises.

   •The cable is damaged

   •The device has physical damage

4. Keep the cable out of the way of others so no one trips on it.

5. Please pull out the power cable after using it for your own safety.

6. Don’t insert anything into the device’s jack, this is a hazard that can potentially cause a fire. If anything gets into the device, contact the manufacturer. Don’t try to get it out yourself.

7. Please don’t place the device on anything that can’t stand steadily.

8. Our company reserves the right to modify the information in this introduction without notification!


Mushroom Tube

Treat broad areas such as cheeks, jaw, neck, chin, neck, jawline, and forehead...

Bent Tube 

Treat small targeted areas such as the nose, nose around, around the ears, and a special tiny spot...



(This method is fit for greasy nature skin)

1. If you have not already done so (as part of another treatment), apply a non-flammable product (cream or mask) to the skin to provide a slip for the glass probe as it moves over your skin.

Note: Only use products that are water-soluble when using high frequency. DO NOT use any products that contain alcohol or any other flammable liquid. Instead of a product, you may use a thin piece of gauze on the face to provide slip.

2. Turn the intensity of the current as low as it will go before turning the high-frequency unit “On” or “Off”.

3. When performing this technique:

• Hold the high-frequency handle below the taper while performing the technique. Touching the handle above the taper will draw current from the electrode.

• Place your finger on the electrode.

• Turn the high-frequency unit “On”.

• Position the electrode on your skin.

• Remove the finger from the electrode.

• Set the intensity level after you have positioned the electrode on your skin.

(Note: Set the final intensity according to your comfort level, skin condition, and sensitivity level. Monitor your comfort level closely.)

4.  Proceed with the treatment. Using one of the facial electrodes, starting at the neck and using small circular movements, work upward to the jaw, cheeks, chin, nose, and forehead.)


1. Cover the electrode with cheesecloth or 1-ply gauze for comfort if needed.


2. Drop your preferred serum or cream on the electrode which is covered by gauze.

3. Or cover a large size gauze on the treatment areas.


4. Insert the electrode gently in the correct way.

5.  Please adjust the intensity from low to high until keeping your comfort level. (make sure that the high-frequency facial device is turned off and take the glass tube out of the wand.)

6. Do the treatment by moving the electrodes.

(Note: You should feel little or no sensation from the high-frequency current during this technique.)


This method is fit for skin with soreness, inflammation, and wounds

1. Insert the electrode into the handle.

2. Turn the high-frequency power switch to the low level.

3. Hold the electrode a fraction of an inch away from a pustule until you see a slight spark “arc” between the electrode and the skin.

4. Slowly increase the intensity of the current by turning the intensity control knob until the client’s comfort level is achieved.

5. Treat each pustule or come done for approximately 15-20 seconds each until all have been treated.

6. End the procedure by turning the intensity control knob to its lowest setting.

7. Place the high-frequency power switch in the “Off” position.


(Note: You will feel a slight sensation during this technique, due to the exchange of the current between the electrode and skin. Keep the intensity well within your comfort level.)



1. Use a hospital-grade surface disinfectant to clean the electrodes. Wipe the electrodes with a damp cloth.

2. Do not immerse the electrode in any liquid.

3. Do not put electrodes in a UV sterilizer.


1. If you experience problems with the operation of your high-frequency unit, please consult this troubleshooting guide before sending an email or online chat with technical services at

2. If there is no current, check:

first, check the handle cord is securely plugged into the unit. then follow these two steps:

① Insert the electrode into the machine and turn it on

② Find a piece of metal, such as a plug, or a screwdriver, any metal is fine, close to the end of the tube, and then slowly move to the other side of the tube, you

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