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6 Things to Quick Start to Know High Frequency Skin

by Lazzybeauty Support 26 Oct 2022 0 Comments
6 Things to Quick Start to Know High Frequency Skin

High Frequency Electrotherapy Apparatus

High-frequency electrotherapy apparatus is an instrument that uses the vibration of high-frequency electric current to produce a thermal effect, ultraviolet light, and electric current to treat the skin. It has the functions of promoting absorption, sterilization, anti-inflammation, and accelerating wound healing. It is suitable for the external treatment of acne skin and wound skin, and has been widely used in the treatment of skin problems.

1. Working Principle

A High-frequency electrotherapy instrument, also known as a high-cycle electrotherapy instrument, is mainly composed of a high-frequency oscillation circuit, capacitor resistance, and semiconductor devices, and is equipped with an insulating handle and glass rod that can be inserted into electrodes. There is a boost transformer in the handle, and one side of the handle is equipped with a line through which the circuit output.

2. Physical therapy

After the instrument according to the general, press the switch, under the action of high-frequency oscillation circuit boards, produces the continuous high voltage high-frequency current, making the glass electrode discharge and ultraviolet light, the skin under the current stimulus, partial peripheral blood vessels will appear alternately contracting and expanding reaction, EDM to make oxygen in the air ionization and produce ozone, Thus play the role of improving blood circulation and sterilization and anti-inflammatory.

3. Function Description

High-frequency electrotherapy instrument efficacy is reflected as follows: sterilization, treatment of acne, promote acne recovery; Reduce and regulate sebum secretion, promote metabolism; Promote lymphatic and blood circulation, improve the ability of cell regeneration; The vibration and heat generated by the electrode due to the conduction of electric current can also calm and massage the skin.

4. How to Use

Use a mushroom glass tube, the handle has the strength adjustment knob (similar to the oil suction machine), when used, first test the strength on the back of the hand, then put the customer's face to try the strength, in the customer can accept the situation to continue to use. Normal treatment of the brain process, after clearing the blain, with an electrotherapy instrument, and then into acne expert, on the last anti-inflammatory mask.

The high-frequency electrotherapy instrument comes with four different shapes of electrotherapy sticks, respectively: ○1 comb, ○2 mushrooms, ○3 circles, and ○4 points.

Usually, the treatment is done in the shape of a mushroom, but other shapes can be selected according to the location and size of the affected area.

5. Points for Attention

The operation should be slow-moving grinding, and the duration of action on the affected point can not exceed three seconds; It is normal to emit a special odor when used.

For severe acne such as cyst type and nodal type, after needle row treatment, apply iodophor to the affected area first, and then electrotherapy operation.

6. Treatment mechanism of acne

The function of the high-cycle electrotherapy apparatus is to inhibit the activity of bacteria and inflammation through current and ultraviolet light, to inhibit the formation and development of acne. Its mechanism is as follows:

1). Inhibit bacterial growth

The glass electrode can produce ultraviolet light and thus have a sterilization function after electrification. More importantly, the applied current can change the positive and negative membrane potential outside the bacterial cell membrane, producing depolarization and open ion channels. The receptors on the membrane change, altering the function of the membrane. The membrane of a cell is multifunctional. The change in membrane function can inhibit bacterial activity and make bacteria lose their ability to reproduce and grow, thus inhibiting the occurrence and development of inflammation and preventing the formation of acne.

2). Anti-inflammatory effect

The applied current generated by high-cycle electrotherapy instrument can also change the function of the human cell membrane, change its ion channels, and change the receptor status of the membrane so that inflammatory mediators can not bind to receptors, so that the end of the capillary contraction, to inhibit the occurrence and development of inflammation.

3). Promote the absorption of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs

The APPLIED CURRENT AND THE HEAT GENERATED BY THE high CYCLE ELECTROtherapy instrument activate the body cells, which can open the ion channels on the cell membrane, thereby promoting the absorption of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs, thus inhibiting the growth of bacteria.

In conclusion, the high-frequency electrotherapy apparatus has the advantages of economy, significant effect, and small side effects in the treatment of acne, which has been confirmed by clinical experiments and observation results.

However, the formation of acne is multi-factor, and a complete cure can only be achieved through professional treatment institutions and professional drugs.

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