Cryo Slimming Machine Model is LBT-CR360
All the body areas that this cryo slimming machine can be treated
Cryo slimming machine own 360 degree surrounding cooling technology
Cryo slimming machine with five 360 degree cooling heads
Large, medium and small size surrounding cooling handles of the cryo slimming machine
Cryo slimming machine comes with 40k cavitation head and body rf handle
Cryo slimming machine comes with face rf and lipo laser handles
Cryo slimming machine has 4 cooling handles that can work together
The side looks of cryo slimming machine
Before and after images of cryo slimming machine

5 Handles Cryolipolysis Machine with 360 Degree Surrounding Cooling Technology

What is Cryolipolysis Machine? A cryolipolysis machine is a device used for a cosmetic procedure called "fat freezing." It's a non-surgical method to reduce fat in specific areas of the...
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Cryo Slimming Machine Model is LBT-CR360

5 Handles Cryolipolysis Machine with 360 Degree Surrounding Cooling Technology

$5,199.00 $4,299.00

5 Handles Cryolipolysis Machine with 360 Degree Surrounding Cooling Technology

$5,199.00 $4,299.00

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Questions & Answers

Ask a Question
  • Would you sell just the handles?

    Yes, you can contact our sales team to get the best price.

  • Do you need any material or gel like the doctors use?

    Yes, you need a gel to use the cavitation and RF head, the cryo head need the anti-freezing membrane.

  • Does this come with instructions in English? Does it have a videotape demonstrating use of machine?

    It comes with english instruction, for videotape, we can send it to your email

  • Does it have a 110 US plugin?

    Yes, it has four types, US, EU, AU, and UK plugs. If you need the US plugin, we can send the US plug type.

  • Are these salon or professional grade?

    Professional grade.

  • How many times a week should you use it and how long before you see results?

    We suggest one time a week. About 4 weeks to see the results.

  • Does this machine use vacuum suction?

    Yes, it is negative pressure suction

  • Is this machine for home use?

    It is best for SPA or Salon use, but it also can be used at home.

  • Can this be use by esthetician in NY state

    It can be used, the machine is designed for professional salon grade use.

  • Do I do each area for one hour like the older coolsculpting machines or 30 minutes like the newer ones?

    30 minutes like the newer ones

  • Can you use 2 handles at the ssme time

    Yes, this machine has two versions, Basic for 2 handles can work at the same time, and the Advanced for 4 handles work at the same time.

  • What is the recommended temperature setting and how much time is required per treatment?

    It takes 30mins per treatment, the lowest temperature recommended is -15 degree, but we suggest 4 degree for the firt use.

  • Are there gel pads to put on the skin to protect from actually touching the cold plates inside the handles after skin is suctioned in?

    Yes, you can put the gel pads put on the skin to protect skin.

  • When using the lowest temp setting, what is the recommended setting for suction time and release time?

    We recommend the proportion of suction time and release time 3:1, it should be set based on the personal withstand.

  • Does this require any type of power converter or adapter for USA outlets?

    No need converter or adapter, it is 110v and US plug for USA, and we also have the EU, UK, AU plugs

  • Do you need special training to use this equipment? Or anybody can use it?

    Yes, anyone can use it. Follow our user manual, and use the anti-freeze pads to protect from frostbite, the controls are fairly simple to understand.

  • Una persona que es cosmetologa puede usarlo en su salon o tiene que ser emfermera medico para poder usarlo

    Esteticista, mdico puede ser utilizado

  • Who pays import taxes? Is the price including shipping and customs?

    The price including shiping and customs.

  • I already own this machine. Is it possible for me to purchase just the medium size handle?

    Yes, you can purchase the handles from us.

  • During procedure, are you supposed to constantly move the cry heads or you can keep it still?

    You keep it still. It uses suction to pull the area you are working on up into the head which freezes it. There is an anti-freeze pad that goes between the head and your skin. It is important you use the pad or there is a very good chance you will suffer frostbite.

  • Are there any issues with shipping to Canada?

    Shipping to Canada, maybe it will meet a big custom problem, it depends on the local country's customs policy.

  • I want to buy the machine only with large handle, so how much does it cost?

    This machine has 5 handles, if you only need one large handles machine, we have another one maybe you would like it. Click the link here >>

  • Can I get faster shipping ?

    Yes, you can choose the expedited shipping,  to USA, it only takes 3-5 days.

  • Does it come with antifreeze membrane pads?

    No, it does, it has no anti-freezing membrane. But we have the small, medium and large size membrane to sell. S size is 28cm*28cm, M size is 27cm*30cm, L size is 34cm*42cm, S size net weight is 60g, M size net weight is 70g, L size net weight is 110g. You can purchase the anti freezing membrane here >>

  • What areas can you target?

    Large attachment for stomach, legs, or lower back. Medium for chest or obliques. Small for chin or under arms.

  • Can this be used on Jawline as well or just chin?

    Yes, the cryo handle only uses on the chin, we do not suggest using it on the jawline. But you can use the RF handles on the jawline.

  • Can it be used in neck area?

    Hello, for the neck areas, you can use the radio frequency handle, we do not suggest to use the cryo handle and the cavitation handle.

  • What kind of warranty is available

    None that I know of. Returns or repairs are pretty nonexistent based on other reviews I've read.

  • But how does it work? Don't you gave to get the fat out of the body? You still have it inside?

    Fat Freezing MachineWorking principle: negative pressure plus freezing principleExhaust fat through human metabolism

  • What kind of water hose do you use to fill?

    There is a flexible funnel included. You use distilled water in the machine and change the water about every 2 weeks depending upon how much you use it. The machine holds about a gallon of distilled water.

  • Where can I find protocols for treatment in all areas of the body? Like time of use, what temperature to set the applicator, for which fat area, etc.

    This machine has a user manual, you can follow the instruction there.

  • How frequently can I use on the same body section?

    It depends on the skin condition, you can use it every 4 weeks as long as your skin condition was normal after first-time use, but if the skin goes serve red or dark red, you should use it after the skin color goes normal.

  • Do you test All Function working properly before you sent out ?

    Yes, every machine will double-check. after manufacturing, and before shipping.

  • Should I feel cold in treated area, or cold skin after the session?

    Yes. The area should feel cold and the fat in the treated area should feel a bit more solid once it gets cold. Massage the area until it warms back up after the treatment is done.

  • Can i get a replacement transparent filter?

    Yes, we can send you for free.

  • Do it have vacuum for butt and boobs

    We are afraid, this machine does not have that function, but it has the vacuum fat freezing function. You can visit our vacuum therapy machine on our website.

  • I have freeze slimming machine can you buy the chin head seprate? If so what is part number

    We are afraid that your machine maybe can not fit ours, so we do not suggest buying it separately from us.

  • How many cryo sheets do you receive for each head for each application? Thanks.

    This machine only comes with 3 pieces of anti-freezing membrane for sample use. and they will ship separately. If you need more, you can purchase them here >>

  • What is the price of extra small and large handle?

    The price of the small size handle is $300 USD or more -it does not include the shipping cost- cause we do not know which address we ship to.

  • Hello, i want to buy this machine but i need the frozen film, can you provide the info to where can i buy it please?

    You can buy it from here >>

  • Where is this product manufactured?

    Made in China, Guangzhou.

  • It is worth it

    Yes, if you have a spa or salon to run. it is our best commercial use fat freezing machine. But, if you want it for home use, then it is too much.

  • If i purchase this machine, do you sell everything else i need to fully utilize all options of this machine? if so how much for everything?

    Yes, we will. Actually, this machine has all the accessories that you need to do the operations. Maybe you are asking for the gel for the cavitation heads, and radio frequency heads. If so, you can remark on your order, we can send the sample to you. But if you need large qualities, you can buy them on your website.

  • How can i order the cryo sheets?

    You can buy the anti-freezing membrane at this link on our official website.

  • Is there certification needed to clear customs, tried ordering one of these and it got stuck in customs ?

    We have all the certificates, if the customs official sir contacts you and asks for the certificates, you can contact us, and we can send them to you via email. Most products are imported into your local country, they will check for it, sometimes they won't, but if you met that situation, you can contact us.

  • Is there a product manual ?

    Yes, this machine comes with a detailed user manual, you can easily use it by following the instructions. If you need a more clear operation, you can contact us, we can show the step-by-step operation via video.

  • Is there a warranty ?

    Yes, it comes a one-year warranty for the main machine, and 3-month for its accessories.

  • Does it really work?

    To put it simply: The fat freezing machine is to transmit the freezing wave to the position where you want to lose weight through a non-invasive therapeutic device. Without surgery, you can "freeze" fat cells to death by using about half an hour of constant temperature control, so as to achieve the effect of fat reduction at the designated position. So the main step for slimming by this machine is: 1. Freeze the fat to death; 2. Metabolize the "dead fat".

  • What is your return policy?

    If the machine is still under the warranty, you can return it to us for free, we will send you a shipping label, you only need to keep the original package, put it back, paste the label on the package, and the shipper will come to pick the machine away. However, if the machine doesn't not broken, and you keeping your minding to return it back to us, then we are afraid that you should pay the shipping cost.

  • How do you figure out what temperature setting you are using on the machine? We see the 5 settings on snowflakes but not the actual temperature?

    We have a default temperature setting, but if you want to change it, you can choose the cryo handles, touch the temperature setting, and press the increase and decrease to choose the best one you want. This machine comes with a detailed user manual, you can follow the instruction, or contact us for step-by-step operation.

  • What type of frozen film it uses?

    We have 3 sizes of the anti-freezing membranes, they are Size 3 34*42cm,27*30cm, and 28*28cm. You can check it here:

  • Is this machine for home use as effective as commercial cool sculpting?

    Yes, both our LBT-CR360 and cool sculpting machine are the same principles, but ours get better results, cause except for the cryo handles, we have the cavitation, and radio frequency handles, they are two different body slimming technologies. However, our LBT-CR360 is good for commercial use, cause it has five cryo handles, they can work together, which means you can treat more clients at the same time with one machine, what's more, it is moveable, this helps to get the best use for this fat freezing machine. So our suggestion is, if you want to buy a home-use fat-freezing machine, you can choose a desk-type machine, which comes with only one or two handles. We guess you can find one from here>>

  • How long is one treatment session 30 or 60 minutes

    We suggest treating 30 minutes in one area.

  • Does this machine come with the gel or ice packs?

    No, no gel and ice packs included.

  • Cuanto pesa

    Machine size is 62*46*170cm Machine weight: 65KG Pack size: 110*80*65cm Package weight: 74kg

  • How much does it weigh?

    Machine size is 62*46*170cm Machine weight: 65KG Pack size: 110*80*65cm Package weight: 74kg

  • Do you need something to keep from getting frostbite?

    Yes, the antifreeze membrane, it need to put some Antifreeze Membrane on the areas, we have the large, medium, small sizes. S Size: 28cm*28cm, M size:27cm*30cm, L size: 34cm*42cm

  • Does it have a vacuum for butt and boobs?

    No, this machine do not have a vaccum function, but you can find it on this link:

  • How is it used for skin tightening?

    This machine is mainly used for weight loss, especially for large areas, like the belly, thins, and chins. But it can also be used for skin tightening by its radio frequency handles. The user manual, it will show how to use them.

  • Do you teach how to use it?

    This machine has a very detailed user manual. But if you still have questions, we can teach by video.

  • Do you self the RF fat Cavitation separately?

    Yes, if it is still under our warranty, we can send one for free, and we will cover the shipping cost.

  • Do you sell the 40k Cavitation handle separately?

    Yes, if it is still under our warranty, we can send one for free, and we will cover the shipping cost.

  • What country does this item ship from? If not the US are there any additional customs/duty fees that would apply?

    Ship from China, tax-free to USA.

  • Does this come with anti-freezing membranes?

    Yes, it has one large, one medium, one small size aftifreeze membrane for test use, S Size: 28cm*28cm, M size:27cm*30cm, L size: 34cm*42cm

  • What is the return policy?

    One year for the main machine, and 3-month for the accessories(namely, the fat freezing handles)