2 in 1 PM-ST Magnetic Therapy Machine Pain Relief Magnetotherapy (with Laser)

PMST NEO+: Revolutionizing Regeneration and RehabilitationThe PMST NEO+ represents an exciting leap in the realms of regeneration...
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2 in 1 PM-ST Magnetic Therapy Machine Pain Relief Magnetotherapy (with Laser)

2 in 1 PM-ST Magnetic Therapy Machine Pain Relief Magnetotherapy (with Laser)


2 in 1 PM-ST Magnetic Therapy Machine Pain Relief Magnetotherapy (with Laser)

PMST NEO+: Revolutionizing Regeneration and Rehabilitation

The PMST NEO+ represents an exciting leap in the realms of regeneration and rehabilitation. Its diverse applications encompass a wide array of musculoskeletal issues such as joint pain, sports injuries, muscle strain, and even aiding in fracture healing.

What sets PMST apart is its distinction from typical magnetic field therapy or PEMF due to its high oscillation frequency. This unique property allows for unparalleled penetration depth and a broad spectrum of indications, making it a highly versatile and effective treatment.

Key Features:

- Pain-Free Physiotherapy: Delivers high-intensity magnetic fields with no discomfort or need to undress. The hands-free operation with the holding arm facilitates convenience. Additionally, when combined with diode laser therapy, it significantly enhances its effectiveness.

- Cold DIODO Laser Therapy: A powerful combination of medical laser wavelengths delivers exceptional curative effects for pain relief, making it ideal for both human and animal treatments.

- Physio Magneto Therapy: Utilizing magnetic field pulses, this therapy stimulates an extraordinary healing effect within the body. It revitalizes damaged cells, increases cellular metabolism, improves blood circulation, and enhances oxygen absorption, contributing to a healthier immune system and better elimination of waste and toxins.

Benefits of PMST:

- Proven results in pain relief, inflammation reduction, and soft tissue and skin injury therapy. It facilitates natural healing, is non-invasive, and presents no side effects or risk of cross-infection.

- Studies have shown over 2000 medical research pieces in support of the effectiveness of electromagnetic fields in tissue repair. This therapy has been widely utilized by orthopedic surgeons, in plastic surgery, and in sports medicine, including by renowned football teams for treating chronic pathologies among players.

Conditions Treatable by PMST:

- Degenerative joint diseases, chronic pain, sports injuries, fractures, bone edema, and diabetic foot conditions are among the conditions effectively treated.

Historical Context and Development:

During the Cold War, the Soviet Union initially used electromagnetic fields to treat cosmonauts experiencing bone and muscle issues due to extended periods in space. This method, known as PEMF therapy, was later adopted in Europe and eventually by NASA for tissue regeneration.

Mechanism and Efficacy:

PMST induces beneficial effects at the cellular and tissue levels, promoting biological healing responses such as increased fibroblast and collagen proliferation, angiogenesis, accelerated wound healing, and enhanced tissue repair.

Post-Treatment and Suitability:

After treatment, patients often report changes indicating healing, with some experiencing mild bone aching. The treatment is not singular and is typically used over a period to manage pain and expedite healing. The frequency of treatment is tailored based on the specific injury or concern.

Is PMST Suitable for You?

This therapy is recommended for chronic bone and joint issues, acute soft tissue inflammation, pediatric conditions, and for individuals unable to tolerate pain associated with other treatments. Your podiatrist will evaluate your condition to determine its suitability.


- Laser: 808nm, 650nm
- Technology: EMTT Physical Magnetic combine LASER
- Frequency: 1000-3000Hz
- Function: Back pain relief, rehabilitation, sports injury recovery
- Performance: Field Strength at various distances, penetration depth, and water cooling system specifications.
- Warranty: 1 year for host machine, 6 months for spare parts

The PMST NEO+ encompasses a cutting-edge approach to rehabilitation and healing, offering a diverse array of treatments for various musculoskeletal conditions. If you're seeking a safe, effective, and innovative approach to healing, PMST could be the solution you've been looking for.

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