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Lipo Cavitation Machine

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6in1 40K Cavitation Ultrasonic Radio Frequency Slimming Machine
Cavitation RF Machine Cellulite Reduction Slimming Fat Freezing Machine - Lazzybeauty
6 in 1 Vacuum Lipo Cavitation Laser Slimming Machine

What is a lipo cavitation machine?

Lipo cavitation, also known as cavitation lipo, or laser lipo cavitation, is not a new beauty technology, it is a combination of laser lipo and ultrasonic cavitation, and its main function is for fat removal, and body slimming. If you want to lose weight, and do not want to run on the weight loss machine in a gym or at your home, but have trouble with your fatness, then the lipo cavitation machine is a good choice for you. 

Lazzybeauty offers the best lipo cavitation machine for spas & salons, as well as for personal use, we have 3 in 1 lipo cavitation slimming machine, 6 in 1 cavitation machine with lipo laser, 9 in 1 lipo cavitation machine, a home lipo cavitation machine for sale, all of our machine have CE certification, warranty, and professional customer support.


Why cavitation and lipo laser are together?

The lipo cavitation machine is not a new treatment, but why they are together, there are two reasons:

1. most cavitation head is kind of big, and it is not good to treat on the small body parts, like the arm, face

2. come together with the lipo laser, it is more powerful, and for the lipo laser treatment, it is easy to operate, we only adjust the intensity, and then put on the areas by the belts.

If they are dual-wavelength lipo laser cavitation machines, they have more power and can get faster body-slimming effects.