4 Handles EMS Sculpt Machine for Body Sculpting and Muscle Toning - without RF

Our EMS sculpting machine uses advanced technology to help you shape and tone your muscles without traditional...
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4 Handles EMS Sculpt Machine for Body Sculpting and Muscle Toning - without RF

4 Handles EMS Sculpt Machine for Body Sculpting and Muscle Toning - without RF


4 Handles EMS Sculpt Machine for Body Sculpting and Muscle Toning - without RF


Our EMS sculpting machine uses advanced technology to help you shape and tone your muscles without traditional workouts. It's a game-changer that delivers professional-grade performance and is now available for sale.

Forget the usual exercise routines! With our EMS sculpt machine, you can achieve your dream body effortlessly. It stimulates your muscles to contract and relax, just like in a workout, resulting in well-defined muscles and a more toned appearance.

You don't need to be a fitness expert to use it. EMS sculpt machine is designed with convenience in mind, it is small, portable, and easy to use. It offers a comprehensive workout solution that targets multiple muscle groups simultaneously, delivering the equivalent of thousands of sit-ups or squats in a single session. Whether you want toned abs, a toned butt, or toned arms and legs, it can shape and tone your body in the comfort of your own home, spa, salon, or studio with this cutting-edge device. Experience the future of body sculpting and see amazing results with our EMS sculpt machine. 


EMS sculpt machine is an innovative body sculpting and muscle-building device that utilizes Electro Magnetic Stimulation technology. By generating electromagnetic pulses, this cutting-edge machine induces powerful and targeted muscle contractions, surpassing the effects of traditional workouts. EMS Sculpt Machine offers a non-invasive approach to achieving a well-defined physique and enhanced muscle tone.

How does it work? 

EMS sculpt machine functions by inducing involuntary muscle contractions through electromagnetic pulses. During a session, the machine stimulates deep layers of muscles, which would be challenging to engage through regular workouts alone. These intense contractions force the muscles to adapt, leading to increased muscle fiber recruitment and growth. As a result, users experience enhanced muscle tone and definition, along with fat reduction in treated areas.

Indications For Use

EMS sculpt machine is a versatile device suitable for various purposes, including:

Muscle Building: Individuals looking to build muscle mass and strength can benefit from EMS sculpt machine's ability to promote hypertrophy.

Body Sculpting: For those aiming to achieve a sculpted physique and well-defined muscles, EMS sculpt machine offers a non-invasive and effective option.

Rehabilitation: The machine can aid in muscle rehabilitation and recovery, making it a valuable tool in physical therapy settings.

Why did you choose EMS Sculpt Machine? What it's like to get EMS sculpt done?

Users choose EMS sculpt machine for its time-efficient, results-driven approach to body sculpting and muscle building. Unlike traditional workouts that may take months to produce noticeable changes, EMS sculpt machine can deliver visible results in a shorter period.

During an EMS sculpt session, users may feel intense muscle contractions, similar to an intense workout. The experience is generally well-tolerated and comfortable, with the machine's settings adjustable to suit individual preferences and comfort levels.

Cautions during operation: Forbidden Groups

While EMS sculpt machine is safe for most individuals, there are certain precautions and contraindications to consider:

Pregnancy: EMS sculpt machine should not be used during pregnancy due to potential risks to the developing fetus.

Implants and Medical Devices: Individuals with pacemakers, metal implants, or other electronic medical devices should avoid using EMS Sculpt Machine, as it may interfere with these devices.

Neurological Conditions: Those with epilepsy or other neurological conditions should refrain from using the machine, as the electrical impulses may trigger adverse reactions.

Skin Conditions: Individuals with open wounds, cuts, or skin conditions in the treatment area should avoid EMS sculpt sessions to prevent irritation.

Heart Conditions: People with severe heart conditions or a history of heart problems should consult a healthcare professional before using EMS sculpt machine.


  1. It can be set to different modes for training your muscles.
  2. The handle design is curved at 180 degrees, making it easier to use on your arms and thighs.
  3. It has four treatment handles and can control energy for two or four handles at the same time. It works for both men and women.
  4. It's safe and doesn't involve surgery, electric currents, heat, or radiation. There's no recovery period needed.
  5. No need for surgery, injections, medication, exercise, or dieting. Just lie down and it will help burn fat, build muscle, and shape your body.
  6. It saves time and effort. Just lying down for 30 minutes is equal to doing 30,000 belly rolls or squats.
  7. It's easy to use. The device is placed in the desired area and secured with a special band, so you don't need a professional to operate it.
  8. It's non-invasive and the process is comfortable. You just lie down and feel your muscles being stimulated.
  9. During the treatment, you'll only feel your muscles contracting. There are no pain, sweating, or side effects. You can simply do it and continue with your day.
  10. There are plenty of studies showing remarkable results. With just four treatments over two weeks, each lasting half an hour, you'll see noticeable changes in the treated area.
  11. The machine has an air cooling device to prevent overheating. The handle can work continuously for a long time, improving its lifespan and safety. It also enhances the stability of energy output.

Technical Specifications

  • Product name: EMS sculpt machine
  • Magnetic vibration intensity: 7 Tesla
  • Input voltage: AC110V-230V
  • Output power: 300W-4000W
  • Output power: 3-150HZ
  • Fuse: 20A
  • Host size/weight: 52×39×34cm/37kg
  • Size of flight shipping Case/weight: 64×46×79cm/15kg
  • Total Weight: About 50kg

Frequently Asked Questions

The powerful electromagnetic waves can safely penetrate deep into your muscles, and continuously, The machine targets specific muscles and causes them to adapt and grow stronger over time. It also increases blood flow and metabolic activity, leading to fat reduction in the treated area. Emsculpt sessions can improve muscle tone and strength, resulting in a more sculpted appearance. 

This intense training engages almost all of your muscle fibers, unlike regular exercise which only targets a small percentage. This type of training stimulates muscle growth and encourages the production of new collagen and muscle fibers.

The process significantly increases the energy needs of your muscle cells, leading to the breakdown of fat in your body and the release of epinephrine. Even while you sleep, the muscle contractions generate ATP energy, allowing you to continue burning fat.

Who is suitable for ems sculpt machine?

This technique can provide beneficial muscle tightening for most people, and five groups are sorted out: 

①Women who need to gain muscle and change their shape-buttocks, and waistcoat line, to show women a graceful posture.

②Men who need to gain muscle and change their body-gain muscle, specially sculpted chocolate muscle.

③People who need to lose weight-suitable for both men and women, more suitable for busy office workers

④Those people who need to lose weight quickly-brides, models, actors, etc.

⑤Postpartum mother: Improve the shape of the abdominal muscles and shape a flat abdomen

Is there a difference in the effect of abdominal treatment with one or two treatment heads? How should we choose?

It is recommended that all patients use two treatment heads at the same time. Both treatment heads must be in full contact with the skin, and not hover sideways or extend beyond the treatment area. This will ensure that all abdominal muscles are treated and activated. Using one treatment head at a time is only recommended for patients with small care sites. Both therapies are equally effective.

Will it melt fat while lifting the hips?

Many studies have confirmed that the metabolic activity of buttock fat is lower than that of abdominal fat. Because of this, it will not dissolve fat when treating the buttocks. 

Is the depth of energy penetration safe? Will it affect the internal organs?

HIFEM technology has existed for decades, and its safety has been proven by dozens of studies. The only tissue that responds to energy is motor neurons, so it has no effect on other tissues including organs.

How is the feeling to do the ems sculpt machine? Will it hurt?

The process is painless and noninvasive. There is no need for anesthesia. The feeling during the treatment is the same as that of your muscles during intense exercise.

How long will a course of treatment take? How long will it take effect?

4 times for a course of treatment, intervals 2-3 days to do once, generally open a card set 6-8 courses of treatment, which can get good results. The best results are in the 2-4 weeks after the treatment. To break down fat and increase muscle mass, patients need to be patient. Usually after 4-6 treatments, muscle mass increases by approximately 16% and fat can be reduced by 19%.

How long will the effect last?

The effect can be maintained for one year after 6 courses. But some people may need additional treatment to achieve the best results. If you have a course of treatment every 2-3 months, you can maintain a better and best condition. At the same time, customers can visit the store multiple times.

How long does it take?

There is no need for manual operation, and the automatic mode of calcination is set, and it only takes 30 minutes each time.

Does the magnetic energy of this instrument have radiation? Is it safe?

The movement of human muscle is driven by magnetic vibration energy, not by electromagnetic radiation. Radiation on the human body feels hot, but our EMS sculpt machine is not hot at all when it works in the human body. It emits less radiation than our regular cell phones. We also specially made a test report for it, which proved that its radiation range is within the national safety electrical appliances! If so, this technology will not be certified by the US FDA and used in foreign hospitals.

Is the thick fat layer not suitable for EMS sculpt machine?

HIFEM technology can penetrate 8 cm below the muscle layer. However, if the patient's fat is thick, the energy may not be able to penetrate into the muscle tissue thoroughly, so it is difficult to make the muscle contract and achieve the therapeutic effect.

Can it be combined with other body care treatments? 

 It can be combined with some non-traumatic fat-removing care, such as various fat-reducing equipment, to eliminate more fat. In addition, it can be combined with some postpartum repair care to improve the health and physical problems of postpartum women.

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