Double Handle 7 Tesla EMS Sculpting Machine (without RF)

The EMS sculpting machine is a revolutionary fitness device designed to reshape and tone your body like...
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Double Handle 7 Tesla EMS Sculpting Machine (without RF)

Double Handle 7 Tesla EMS Sculpting Machine (without RF)


Double Handle 7 Tesla EMS Sculpting Machine (without RF)


The EMS sculpting machine is a revolutionary fitness device designed to reshape and tone your body like never before. This cutting-edge technology harnesses the power of Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) to deliver targeted muscle contractions, helping you achieve a sculpted physique in a fraction of the time.

The EMS Sculpting Machine features advanced electrodes strategically placed on the body to activate multiple muscle groups simultaneously. With adjustable intensity levels, you can customize your workout to suit your fitness level and desired goals. Whether you're looking to build muscle, define your abs, lift your buttocks, or tone your arms and legs, this versatile machine has you covered.

This state-of-the-art device offers a range of pre-set programs, each designed to target specific muscle groups and deliver optimal results. The EMS technology stimulates deep muscle fibers that are often difficult to activate through traditional workouts alone, providing you with a more efficient and effective training session.

With regular use, the EMS Sculpting Machine can enhance muscle strength, increase endurance, and improve overall body composition. It's perfect for busy individuals who want to maximize their workout time or those seeking an extra boost to their fitness routine.

Compact, portable, and easy to use, this machine allows you to sculpt your body in the comfort of your own home or take it with you on the go. Discover the future of fitness with the EMS Sculpting Machine and unlock your full potential for a leaner, stronger, and more defined physique.


Stronger Stimulation

Double-layer Coil generates deeper and stronger high-intensity electromagnetic effects.

Air Cooling Technology

Equipped with an air cooling system that allows long-time operation without any overheating issues.

Double Sculpting

Two Magnetic Stimulation Applicators to treat all of your concerns.

High Efficiency

It allows you to do 36,000 sit-ups in 30 minutes for toning, building muscle, and while at the same time dissolving fat.

Product Parameter

  • Standby Power: 50W 
  • Maximum Output Power: 300-3000W 
  • The Power of Micro Motor: 0.2 W Magnetic
  • Induction: 7 Tesla 
  • Screen Size: 10.1 Inch Touch Screen
  • Pulse Shape: Waveform 
  • Input Power: AC 100 V ~ 240 V 50/60 Hz
  • Frequency: 3-150Hz
  • Fuse: 20A
  • Host Size: 42*33*30cm (L*W*H) 
  • Dimension of Main Unit: 57*44*42 cm (L*W*H) 
  • Dimension of the Whole Machine (including racks and handpieces): 57*44*68cm (L*W*H) 
  • Net Weight (not including package): 26.5 kg 
  • Gross Weight: 42kg


  • Improving obesity constitution and the efficiency of weight loss
  • Building a strong and handsome body
  • Preventing aging and maintaining physical youth
  • Reducing chronic pain of muscles and joints
  • Helping blood circulation smooth
  • Protecting the safety of the uterus, intestine, and other organs
  • Improving and preventing diabetes
  • Reducing high blood pressure to relieving the pressure of blood vessel
  • Building muscle
  • Reducing fat
  • Shaping a strong and handsome figure, shaping the vest line, and lifting the hip
  • Activating the collagen regeneration


  • Builds muscle & Burns fat Together
  • Non-invasive buttock lifting procedure
  • Suitable for everyone - No anesthesia - No surgery
  • Only a 30-minute a procedure
  • Only 4 sessions needed
  • Feels like an intensive workout
  • Safe with No downtime
  • Instant results but gets better after two to four weeks
  • 16% average increase in muscle mass
  • 19% on average fat reduction


  1. It can set different muscle training modes. 
  2. Suitable for men and women. 
  3. It’s safe and non-invasive, non-current, non-hyperthermia, non-radiation, and has no recovery period. 
  4. No knife, no injection, no medicine, no exercise, no diet, Just Lying down can burn fat and build muscle, and reshape the beauty of lines. 
  5. Saving time and effort, only lying down for 30 minutes = 30000 muscle contractions (equivalent to 30000 belly rolls/squats) 
  6. It’s a simple operation and bandage type. The operating head only needs to be placed on the operating part of the guest, and it can be reinforced with a special equipment band, without the need for a beautician to operate the instrument, which is convenient and simple. 
  7. It's non-invasive, and the process is easy and comfortable. Just lie down and experience it like a muscle is sucked up. 
  8. During the treatment, there is only a feeling of muscle contraction, no pain, and no sweat, and there are no side effects on the body, just do it and go. 
  9. There are sufficient experimental studies to prove that the treatment effect is remarkable. It only takes 4 treatments within two weeks, and every half an hour, you can see the effect of reshaping the lines in the treatment site. 
  10. The air cooling device prevents the treatment head from generating high temperatures, The handle can work continuously for a long time, which greatly improves the service life and safety factor of the machine. and greatly improves the stability of energy output.

Cautions during operation

  1. Don’t operate the machine on the lactiferous floor.
  2. Other people DO NOT touch the electrode flat when the machine is operating.
  3. Other people DO NOT touch the operator and customer during treatment time.
  4. The operator and customer DO NOT be with the metal decoration during treatment time.

Forbidden Groups

  1. People with heart disease or high blood pressure, or configured cardiac pacemakers. –
  2. Patients with acute inflammation, asthma, deep vein thrombosis, hydrocele, and cancer.
  3. People with hemorrhagic disease, trauma, or who are bleeding.
  4. Pregnant women and children.
  5. Medical Plastic parts, or parts with artificial filling inside.
  6. People with metal inside the body(including metallic teeth).
  7. Patient with skin inflammation or with edema.
  8. People with an abnormal immune system.
  9. Numb or insensitive to heat.

Working Handles

Two applicators are placed on the target muscle area, such as your abs, thighs, or buttocks. The applicators then generate intense electromagnetic that causes involuntary muscle contractions. These contractions trigger the release of free fatty acids, which break down fat deposits and increase muscle tone and strength.

As working out, the stimulation causes to rebuild and repair muscle tissue, resulting in stronger, firmer muscles. The patients feel the same soreness after treatment as you would after a high-intensity workout.

Packing List

  • 1x Main Machine
  • 2x EMS Sculpting and EMS Handles 
  • 2x EMS Sculpting Strap 
  • 2x Handle's Holders 
  • 1x Power Cable
  • 2x Thighs Handles

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Questions & Answers

Ask a Question
  • Is this EMSculpt butt machine worth the money?

    Definitely. If you're like me and don't work out often, but still try to live a healthy lifestyle and just want something to help with sculpting in the stomach or butt area, we can attest to the fact that the treatment is worth the money because you will likely see results.

  • How long do the results last?

    Around six months while the fat loss from an EMSculpt butt machine can be permanent, the muscle effects typically last around six months or longer. It is recommended that patients get a series of 4 – 8 initial treatments, scheduled 2 – 3 days apart.