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4 Handle HI EMT Body Sculpting (with RF)

Are you looking to achieve your dream body with minimal effort? Look no further than our cutting-edge Hi EMT Body Sculpting technology! With our revolutionary system, you can now target those stubborn areas and sculpt your body to perfection. Our Hi EMT body sculpting sessions utilize state-of-the-art technology to deliver...
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Are you looking to achieve your dream body with minimal effort? Look no further than our cutting-edge Hi EMT Body Sculpting technology! With our revolutionary system, you can now target those stubborn areas and sculpt your body to perfection.

Our Hi EMT body sculpting sessions utilize state-of-the-art technology to deliver high-intensity electromagnetic pulses, triggering powerful muscle contractions. This not only helps you burn fat but also builds lean muscle mass, giving you that toned and sculpted look you've always desired.

Say goodbye to endless hours at the gym and hello to a more efficient way of achieving your body goals. Whether it's your abs, glutes, thighs, or arms, our Hi EMT Body Sculpting sessions are tailored to address specific areas, providing you with personalized results.

Imbued with magnetic energy of the highest order, this machine offers both formidable potency and effortless usability. It stands as an exquisite choice for establishments in the realm of beauty salons and fitness centers, poised to furnish their clientele with the latest and most efficacious journey into body contouring.

For those seeking to elevate their experience with hi emt body sculpting, we provide the opportunity to acquire an optional pelvic floor training cushion or a magnetic butt sculpture cushion.

How Does It Work?

By using HI-EMT( high energy focused electromagnetic wave) technology to expand and contract muscles, limit training, and deep remodeling of muscle internal structure, That is, the growth of myofibrils (muscle enlargement) and the production of new protein chains and muscle fibers (muscle hyperplasia) to train and increase muscle density and volume.

HI-EMT 100% limits muscle contraction of the technology can lead to a large amount of fat decomposition, fatty acids from the decomposition of triglyceride outflow, and a large amount of accumulation in adipocytes. Fat acidity is too high, fat cells apoptosis, in a few weeks by the body's normal metabolism out of the body.

RF: Heat uniformly for the treatment area, so that the subcutaneous fat quickly reaches the treatment temperature, achieving the dual effects of firming and dissolving fat.

Advantages Extended to Clinics & Spas:

  • A platform to administer state-of-the-art body sculpting, grounded in the forefront of technological innovation.
  • A non-invasive therapeutic modality, bereft of side effects and discomfort, ensuring a painless encounter.
  • Clients can anticipate a recommended treatment cost of $800 per session.
  • Emboldened by a robust 5000W power output and a rapid operational frequency, the machine stands as a paragon of swiftness and strength.
  • A magnetic wave technology that transcends norms, boasting unparalleled intensity in contrast to conventional magnetic wave instruments.
  • A symphony of RF (Radio Frequency) and EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation), harmonizing to foster augmented muscle development and accelerated fat dissolution.
  • Facilitated by four treatment handles, expediting both singular customer treatment efficacy and the potential to cater to multiple patrons concurrently.
  • Operation is rendered effortless - a mere selection of the treatment area handle and corresponding parameters initiates the process.
  • A consumables-free operation that underscores economic sustainability.
  • A comprehensive one-year warranty supplemented by unwavering customer support is available seven days a week.

Delving into the HI EMT Body Sculpting Technology:

Employing the latest iteration of super-intense magnetic wave technology, each 30-minute treatment session orchestrates a symphony of thousands of deliberate muscle contractions. This transcendental realm of supra-maximal contractions remains elusive through conventional exercise routines.

This extreme regimen of training culminates in a profound metamorphosis of muscles, where myofibrils burgeon and muscle hyperplasia unfold, accompanied by the synthesis of fresh collagen chains. The cumulative effect is an augmentation of both muscle density and volume.

The realm of supra-maximal muscle contractions heralds the disintegration of substantial fat reserves. Triglycerides are meticulously broken down, liberating fatty acids. The concentration of these liberated components culminates in the apoptosis of adipose cells, which are subsequently eliminated from the body through the natural course of metabolism, culminating in a span of a few weeks. Thus, the treatment regimen not only reduces adipose content but also fortifies and amplifies muscular structures.

The continuum of freezing technology guarantees the preservation of equilibrium within the treatment head's magnetic output, precluding overheating and ensuring a consistently high magnetic performance.


  1. Good result —— 30 minutes treatment 20000 workouts, increase 16% muscle and reduction 21% fat after about 2-4 courses
  2. Non-invasive, no side effects and painless
  3. 7 Tesla High Intensity——cover big skeletal muscles, and remodel its inner structure.
  4. Patented cooling system——support long time operation
  5. 4 magnetic applicators——break down fat deposits and increase muscular tone and strength
  6. Targeting 5 body parts——abdomen, arms, hips, hamstring, thighs
  7. Progressive step training——improve the feeling and effect of actual exercise
  8. 5 training modes: HIIT, Hypertrophy, Strength, Combo 1 HIIT+ Hypertrophy, Combo 2Hypertrophy + Strength


  1. Building muscle and reducing fat
  2. Improving abdominal muscles
  3. Exercising the hip muscles
  4. Shaping vest line & mermaid line
  5. Activating the collagen regeneration
  6. Tightening the loosened pelvic floor muscles

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Some individuals may have underlying health conditions that could be affected by certain cosmetic treatments, potentially leading to health issues.

While our equipment is equipped with safety features, we strongly recommend that customers with pre-existing health conditions consult a healthcare professional before using our services.

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Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We aim to not only offer beauty solutions but also peace of mind through these precautions.

If you have any questions or need more information, please feel free to contact us. Your safety is our priority. 

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hi emt body sculpting

4 Handle HI EMT Body Sculpting (with RF)


4 Handle HI EMT Body Sculpting (with RF)


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