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4 Handles HIEMT Machine with RF for Body Sculpting Muscle Strength

The HIEMT machine is an innovative device that transforms your body and boosts muscle development. Using High-Intensity...
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hiemt machine

4 Handles HIEMT Machine with RF for Body Sculpting Muscle Strength


4 Handles HIEMT Machine with RF for Body Sculpting Muscle Strength


The HIEMT machine is an innovative device that transforms your body and boosts muscle development. Using High-Intensity Electromagnetic technology, it generates intense muscle contractions, simulating a rigorous workout. Targeting specific muscle groups, improves muscle tone, strength, and definition.

Unlike traditional exercises, the HIEMT machine offers a focused and efficient approach to building muscles. It is non-invasive, pain-free, and customizable to your goals and fitness level.

By incorporating the HIEMT machine into your routine, you can accelerate progress and achieve impressive results in less time. Whether you're an athlete or someone seeking a sculpted physique, this advanced device helps you reach your fitness goals.

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The machine uses advanced technology that combines non-invasive HIFEM (High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Field) and mono-polar RF (Radio Frequency). This technology releases high-frequency magnetic vibration energy through handles, which penetrates muscles to a depth of 8cm. This causes muscles to continuously expand and contract, simulating intense workouts. This process deepens the growth of muscle fibers, increases muscle density and volume, and promotes collagen and muscle fiber production. Additionally, the released heat from the RF technology heats the fat layer, aiding fat cell breakdown, muscle contraction, and overall metabolism improvement. The combination of these technologies provides intense muscle training and fat reduction effects.

Working Principle:

The EMSlim beauty muscle instrument uses non-invasive technology to release high-frequency magnetic vibration energy through two large treatment handles, which penetrate muscles to a depth of 8cm. This leads to continuous muscle expansion and contraction, promoting muscle growth and collagen production. The HIFEM technology triggers muscle contractions that promote fat breakdown. High levels of fatty acids are released from fat cells, eventually causing the cells to break down and be eliminated from the body naturally. This process strengthens muscles while reducing fat.

 hiemt machine working principle


  1. New combination of high-intensity focused magnetic vibration and RF technology.
  2. Multiple muscle training modes available.
  3. Handles designed at a comfortable 180-degree angle to fit arm and thigh curves.
  4. Four treatment handles with independent energy output for multiple users simultaneously.
  5. RF technology provides controlled energy output without damaging skin or muscles.
  6. Safe, non-invasive, and comfortable treatment with no recovery time.
  7. Fat reduction and muscle building without surgery, exercise, or dieting.
  8. A 30-minute session equals 30,000 muscle contractions.
  9. Simple operation, no beautician required during treatment.
  10. Comfortable and easy treatment experience.
  11. Only a sensation of muscle contraction during treatment.
  12. No pain, sweat, or side effects.
  13. Visible results after 4 treatments within two weeks.
  14. Enhanced cooling system for improved safety and performance.

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Importance of Building Muscle for Slimming:

Increasing muscle mass boosts metabolism and accelerates fat burning. Muscles have a high basal metabolic rate, meaning more muscle leads to greater calorie consumption. Muscular individuals burn calories even at rest, aiding weight loss. Building muscle has various benefits, including improving body composition, preventing aging, enhancing circulation, and protecting organs.


Technology Modes:

Six different frequency combinations ensure effective treatment. A step-by-step exercise plan gradually engages muscles:

  1. Gentle stretching and warm-up.
  2. Progressive muscle exercise.
  3. Activation of muscles.
  4. Intense muscle strengthening.
  5. Fat burning with resistance.
  6. Relaxation and relief.


Comparison with Massage Device + RF:

The machine's technology offers superior results compared to using a massage device combined with RF:

  • Effective penetration depth of 8cm targets the entire muscle layer.
  • RF wave heat enhances muscle contraction and fat burning.
  • Achieves effects beyond physical exercise, such as fat breakdown and muscle stimulation.
  • Four treatments yield optimal results.
  • Positive treatment experience.


  • Technology: HI FEM + RF
  • Screen:10 inch
  • Handle Piece: 4 handles + 1 cushion, each 4 can work together
  • Intensity:1~7 Tesla
  • RF Temperature: 40~50℃
  • RF Frequency: 40.68MHz
  • Pulse Duration: 300μs
  • Output Frequency: 1~150Hz
  • Cooling System: Air cooling
  • Voltage: AC 100V~240V, 50Hz/60Hz

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